An American Tradition

For Over 50 Years!


Circus Gatti

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our all New Tour!
The circus is the most ancient form of organized entertainment in the heritage of Western Civilization, deriving from our Roman, Greek and Egyptian forebears. Although our show is bright and shining as the morning sun, it is likewise stylized and nostalgic in keeping with the ancient tradition of the circus.
Parents always thrill at the wide-eyed rapture of the children attending their first circus. From the opening overture to the final turns of the animals, clowns and performing artists, the magic spell of the circus enchants the spectator of any age. For the children there are the fresh experiences of the beautiful colors and the sparkle of the splendid circus wardrobe, the daredevil feats of acrobatics, and the simple foolishness of a clown, the overall goodness, truth and beauty of circus entertainment. For the adults there is the reprise of their childhood experience of the circus enriched with memories of parent, grandparent and other loved ones no longer present or near at hand with whom the earlier time was shared. We are proud today to have the opportunity to renew the circus experience for you and your family.
We have engaged some of the finest International artists available with years, and sometimes generations, of circus expertise and finesse to provide our public and our sponsors with a traditional circus of the finest caliber. Nothing compares with the thrill of the circus and it is your turn today to delight in being part of it!
Circusly yours,
The Gatti Family